Tuesday, August 2, 2011

White Flag....

At least in a war you can surrender. A race you can quit. And in 'Say Uncle' you can.... well, say 'uncle'.

But you can't quit in adoption. You can't give up, even when you feel like there's nothing else you can do. It seems like every force in the world is fighting against us...

My agency kept my dossier 7 months before it went to Ghana.
USCIS moved offices & lost my paperwork for 7 months.
We waited 5 months on a death cert the agency was suppose to have a year ago.
I was given the wrong ages for the kids, so I had to have my homestudy amended.
Our fingerprints expired and had to be re-done...
And a few other more devastating details I won't even go into.

Last night I was told that our POA will be leaving the country next week. I don't know how long she'll be gone, but I'm sure it will be a while. She is the one who was going to do my visa interview. But I can't be mad at her for leaving. This trip was planned a LONG time ago. She's already put it off several times trying to finish the 2 adoptions she was working on. Unfortunately, mine was going too slow. I guess she got tired of waiting on nothing.

So...I have no idea when the kids will be home. We're getting close to the 2-year mark for this adoption. I am too tired to fight anymore. Too tired to pray. Too tired to cry. I feel like Moses in the battle of Rephidim. Can't even hold up my own hands, even though we're losing the battle.

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  1. I am so sad that this is happening. I think of your family daily and HOPE your children can come home soon. ((((hugs))) from afar.