Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Visa Medicals...

Joseph called yesterday morning (at 6am) to tell me that the Serwaa & Konto had gone to Accra. That means they are getting their visa medicals! They will be there for 3 days. I totally wish I was there with them. I am just dying to take them to the beach. (I don't think they've ever seen the ocean.)

Joseph also wanted to remind me about the Iphone he requested. I finally told him how much they cost, and that he may not get one. He didn't argue. He's so sweet. But, I'll keep looking- just in case.


  1. aww I wish I could find him one of them android tablets that aren't too expensive. He'd love it. Do you think it would get stolen or anything?

  2. Doubt it would get stolen. It's like a huge family there. Didn't think about the tablets. I'll start looking. I'm sure anything similar will do. Doubt he knows the difference! (At least I don't!)