Sunday, August 28, 2011

While I'm Waiting...

It's 3 weeks until Serwaa & Konto's visa interview. I'm excited. I'm nervous. But I'm ready. I've made & frozen lots of soup. (They seem to eat alot of soupy stuff and rice at the orphanage.) So far I've got a couple bowls each of Groundnut Soup, Eggplant Stew, Banana Soup, Groundnut/Chicken Stew and Spicy Yam Soup.

I also have plenty of chicken legs in the freezer. (Thanks Nana!)

Next I intend to find out what kind of meals freeze easy. (Any ideas?) Because I'm pretty sure that some days it's just gonna be too hectic to cook!

The girls' room is pretty much all the way ready.

Konto's room is (finally) painted now. And he has new blankets. I still have to get some curtains & stuff. (I'm trying to get curtains made with a strip of kente at the bottom.) I'm gonna pick up some more paintings in Ghana for his wall, as well as a big basket for his toys.

So... that's my pointless blog for the day!

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  1. Doing the same thing over here! I only have a week and a half before adding a 19 months old to the mix :) I've made chicken pot pies, chile, and spaghetti sauce to make cooking easier! So excited for you!