Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Complicated Question...

'How old are your children'? Usually, it's a one word answer. When your response starts out, "Well, they're about...", people start to look at you in a weird way. It really is a complicated question. From the first we were told they were 5 & 7. That was two years ago. According to their birth certificates, they are now 8.5 & 11. My guess, from the few weeks that I got to spend with them, is that they are around 7 & 9. Also, based on stories from when they came into the orphanage, they should be around 7 & 9.

So- that's my answer. At least for now. Konto is 7. Serwaa is 9. Malorie is 11. Can't wait til they are all together on one continent!

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  1. You are probably going to have to go by their birth certificates. How could their birth certificates be so off? And isn't their birth mother somewhere nearby so they could ask her?