Friday, September 30, 2011

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week...

I used to love that book: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. It was funny then. Not so much when your whole week goes that way!

Everybody knows the visa interviews didn't go as planned. But to add to the frustration- the cost to FedEx the new piece of paperwork was $117. Not to mention the extra $500 that had to be sent to finish the adoption. (My rep lives 8 hours from Accra. So every time she goes to the embassy she has to take the kids, spend the night & eat there. Which is all more expensive than it is in Offinso.)

Then, last Friday, my van's transmission broke. I just bought this van 2 months ago to accomodate my soon-to-be-larger family. After getting quotes from dozens of mechanics, I made a decision. Of course, they found something else in the transmission that was broken. So my $1,400 repair is now a $2,400 repair.

The whole week has been so frustrating that it's almost comical! Just like the book.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Big Mess...

Sadly, that's what I think about our embassy right now! I hate to say that, because whoever answers the email seems pretty nice. But man, are they not on the same page over there!

I had emailed them recently about our follow up appointment. First, they said the problem with the first visa attempt was that my rep provided a photocopy of the POA, & all they needed was an original. That wasn't true. She had the original, notarized copy- it just didn't have the birthdates on them.

So I told them that the embassy officer at our interview asked for birthdates on the POA. I also said I had mailed it to Ghana & asked when my rep could bring it in. They promptly emailed back to say she had been given an open appointment, & could bring it any Monday, Tuesday or Thursday at 1pm.

I called my rep today. She said the embassy officer had given her an appt card for October the 12th, not an open appointment!

So there you have it- a big mess! It seems that this particular officer is doing her own thing, and the embassy has no idea! It's a little ridiculous that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing!

The point of all this rambling is: I don't know when our rep will turn in the new POA. She is scared that she will travel 8 hours to Accra, pay to spend the night there, and then not be let in if she goes before October 12th. Do better America!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New POA & the Embassy...

It's in Ghana. The new power of attorney letter with the kids' birthdates. Our representative said that FedEx called her yesterday to say that she could pick it up in Kumasi today.

In other news- I had emailed the embassy to ask why they scheduled our next appointment for Oct 12th, instead of giving us an open appointment- which is the norm. They actually emailed back very quickly to say that we were given an open appointment. The new paperwork can be brought in any Monday, Tuesday or Thursday! So, I'm not sure where the Oct 12th idea came from. Maybe the officer had told our rep wrong. Maybe that's just when she planned to return. Who knows.

But anyways- I asked our rep if she could just go straight from Kumasi today & spend the night in Accra so the paperwork could be turned in immediately. She said she wasn't sure, but would decide today after she picked up the paperwork.

So, that's where we are. I hate not knowing when our paperwork will be turned in. Hopefully I will find out sometime tonight. Hopefully it will all happen sooner than later.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another Month...

The kids did not get their visas this time. The embassy officer asked that I send a new power of attorney letter, this time with the children's birthdates listed on it. I'm not sure why, it's on their birth certificates, passports, social welfare report... Does it really need to be on the POA too? Appearantly so. I hate that something so small is keeping my children at an orphanage for another month. But- I can't change it. Their next chance is Oct 12. Maybe that one will go better.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Well, here I am. Sitting outside, staring at the Atlantic. Just on the other side, my other children are about to get up. This is it. The visa interview is scheduled for early this morning in Ghana. I am hoping and praying for good news. It could be very soon. Within the month I could be on the other side of this ocean looking back toward America. I can't wait.

Monday, September 12, 2011

One Week...

Just one week. I can't believe the visa interview is so close! I am so anxious to hear what they will say. I hope they won't request any additional documents. I hope they won't ask us to wait a few months for 'administrative processing'. I just can't wait to see the kids again! It's been SO long! I also can't wait to see Ghana again. I just love that country. I am so sad that Al & Malorie aren't going. I think they would love to be there, to play with the kids in their own country. I hope we can at least all return one day. I know they will fall in love with it too!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sweet Baby Girl, Waiting...

I just read this post: . It's  about a sweet baby girl, who doesn't have a family. They've gotta be out there somewhere. Just trying to spread the word....

Monday, September 5, 2011

When It's Not Enough...

Lately I've been packing my suitcase. Trying to get in as many donations as possible without going over 50 lbs. I'm excited to bring the small amount of donations I have to Ghana. I love giving things to those beautiful children.

But what do you do when it's not enough?

Don't get me wrong- they will LOVE anything they get. But for one particular boy, I know it's just not enough. He wants more.

I remember when he first told me, "I wish I could come where you are." The lump in my throat. I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach.

This morning my daughter, Serwaa, called. I could hear that same boy in the background telling her what to say. He wanted her to ask me if he could come to America with us. He was too embarrassed to mention it again himself. I didn't know what to say. I think I stumbled through some random words, then thanked God that their phone ran out of minutes right about then.

He wants to come to America. To be in a family. He is desperate. But his chances are small. Older boys are pretty much on the bottom of the totem pole in the adoption world. Especially when they have a brother.

I don't know his story. Maybe he's eligible for international adoption. Maybe he has living family somewhere that he could return to if they are supported financially. I will definately find out all I can. I will do all I can. But sometimes it's just not enough. These days are hard.