Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another Birthday...

My little boy turned six today. I just hate that we've missed both of their birthdays. I thought for sure my kids would already be here. But we haven't even met them. Not sure how you can miss someone you don't even know, but I assure you it's possible.

We have confirmation that our dossier was received by the representative in Ghana. So that's good news! If anybody has spare time, please help me pray for a really quick court date. We have waited SO long just to get to this point, I'm not sure how much longer I can wait!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Well, as far as I know our dossier is FINALLY on the way to Ghana!!! I am so excited!!! I've been waiting SO long! African Cradle is going to email me once they have word that their rep in Ghana has received it! I hope to hear before next week is over! I just can't WAIT to get a court date and see my kids!!!

But I am so sad tonight. One of my friends (whom I only know online) lost her baby this week. She was adopting two little boys from Ghana. I couldn't imagine going to Ghana to pick up ONE of my kids. Just. Can't. Imagine. So sad for her. And it's an ominous reminder of how different things are there. So many illnesses here are so treatable. It makes me just a little anxious.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Funny Thing.....

So we mailed off our passports recently to get our Visas for Ghana. They were delivered to the Ghana Embassy on the 28th. By the next day they had already stamped them & sent them back to us. It took ONE DAY. But all the families waiting for their kids visas to come home to the US have to wait for months!!! Funny how it takes the US embassy that long when ours were done in one day. Just doesn't make sense.

And in case you're wondering- no our dossier STILL hasn't been sent to Ghana. Why? Couldn't tell ya! When I spoke to the agency on Tuesday they said they had to speak to their rep in Ghana to see if the rep was ready to receive our dossier. Yep. I am not even gonna call again today to ask. I am just gonna trust the good Lord to take care of it before I have to call again Monday. Because quite honestly, I am exhausted of calling. I know He's got the whole thing under control. Just gotta remember that. Enjoy your weekend Carrie.