Monday, May 23, 2011


So, I have mentioned recently that my kids have been calling fairly often. Serwaa has asked to speak to Malorie several times. But the main purpose of the calls seem to be one resounding request: "Please come." You would have to hear those quiet, accented voices for yourself to really understand how heartbreaking it is.

Yesterday I was at the flea market when Joseph called. This time he did not say 'Konto wants to speak to you', or 'Serwaa wants to speak to her sister'. He simply asked, "When do you come?"

I tried to explain it would be as soon as possible. I tried to explain I was waiting on our government's approval. I tried to say how I hoped it would be soon.

Once I gave my uncertain answer, he simply said "Ok. Byebye" (in typical Ghanaian fashion) and hung up.

The worst part- I know he did not understand my reason. Even if he had understood all of my english, I'm sure they don't comprehend the whole process. All they know is that I have not come back for them like I said I would. It has been 5 months since I left them. They must be starting to wonder if I am coming back at all.

I wish they knew how hard I am trying. (If only the USCIS were trying so hard...) My case hasn't been assigned to an officer yet. I will call again tomorrow.

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  1. I cannot imagine! My heart is breaking over my husband having to leave our children next week. It must be heart breaking to have to wait this long and try to help them understand. Saying a prayer for your family!