Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I just love Joseph. He is around 13 years old. I have been told that he has always been sort of a 'big brother' to my son, Konto. He helps to look after him. Joseph has taken care of Konto since he arrived at the orphanage around the age of 2.

Joseph is a very handsome, respectful boy. He was the boy who told me that he 'likes my manner. Most people who come here do not want to touch us'. He is quiet and polite. I just can't say enough good things about him!

It is Joseph who has allowed me to speak to my children in Ghana. He has a cell phone. I'm guessing it was a donation to the orphanage. It is very inexpensive to buy minutes for your cell phone in Ghana. So, every once in a while, he must get a few cedis from someone. And instead of buying something for himself, he gets minutes for his phone so Konto can call me. For that I am very thankful.

I think when I go back I will bring Joseph a new phone. (His drops the call about 90% of the time.) Maybe I'll get a camera phone so he can text pictures to Konto. And I'll buy a ton of minutes, so he can call anytime he wants.

I know my son will miss Joseph. I will miss Joseph. There is just something special about him.

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  1. You should definitely keep in touch with him. How sweet.