Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More To Do....

I called the USCIS again today. Our files still have not been assigned to an officer. Unfortunately, that's not the only issue. Since our adoption agency provided us with incorrect ages for our kids, we had to get a homestudy update for their ages. (At the time of our homestudy, we were told Serwaa was 7. Our homestudy approved us to adopt up to a 10 year old. She legally turned 11 earlier this month.) So, our AMAZING homestudy lady did the homestudy update very quickly for us. It has been sent in.

In addition, we will have to be re-fingerprinted at the Homeland Security office in Charlotte, NC. (The fingerprints we did last year have expired. I also credit that to our agency, since our dossier sat on their desk, untouched, for 7 months of that year.)

Our new fingerprint appointment is June 9th. I hope to just show up at Homeland Security next week & beg to be fingerprinted. Hopefully that will work.

Furthermore, the person who will be handling our visa appointments will be out of the country from July to September! I may be able to do it myself; I may not. So I have no idea when the kids will get home. Every time someone asks me, the projected homecoming is further away. I think people are starting to suspect that the kids don't even exist! I've been saying "It should only be a few more months" far too long now.

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  1. It feels like forever I am praying for you, it will happen you will be a family soon. Waiting is just hard. I showed Solomon the pictures he likes looking at them I think I told you he know your kids.