Saturday, May 14, 2011


Okay, okay. That doesn't really mean anything. It just sounds important. I got the electronic version of my "Form I-797" Friday night! It's a 'receipt notice' for my I-600. For most people, it's not significant enough to even mention. But given the extremely unlucky, slow way our entire adoption process has gone- I count it as a small victory. My I-600 didn't get lost in the mail! (Way to go UPS!) It's not even lost in the CIS mailroom!

The next leg of the journey for my precious paperwork: It is being forwarded to the National Benefit Center in MO. Why it must be mailed to TX, only to be forwarded to MO.... the world may never know.

Either way, here's to good ol' UPS! And please, continue to pray for my beloved paperwork, that it might find it's way to it's final destination- quickly, safely and completely intact.

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