Thursday, September 23, 2010

Finally Moving Again.....

Things seem to finally be falling into place! First, we get the 171H, and this evening we got all of the info we need to change our Power of Attorney! Naturally, I've already printed & filled out the whole things (3 copies for each kid)!

Tomorrow, we will have it notarized and mailed! African Cradle will have it on Monday. (That's right, I'm impatient. I overnight EVERYTHING! It's going from SC to CA. No time to wait for regular mail!)

The plan is for African Cradle to FedEx it to Ghana once they get it. I think that takes about 3 days, or so I've heard! And hopefully, court will follow soon after!

Also, we mailed off our visa applications today! Hope to get those back soon!

Starting to feel like this might actually happen!

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