Tuesday, September 14, 2010


A WONDERFUL lady from the NBC called me today! (If for no other reason, she's wonderful just because she actually called me back!) But, on top of that, she said she was looking at my I600A as she spoke! It's no longer in the box!

And to make it better, she said she stamped and mailed the approval today! Not just the receipt letter with the new SIM#, stating that they were reviewing the file. But the APPROVAL!!!

I am just so happy. I know there's lots more to do, but this is the very first news I've gotten from anywhere since March 9th, when my homestudy and dossier were complete!

So, now we will hope that our agency finds an ethical rep to work with soon. (Things didn't work out with the old rep, so they are looking for a new one. That process has also taken ALOT longer than I ever imagined.) But hey- I'll think about that tomorrow. Today I am celebrating our I600A being approved!!

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  1. Hi I saw your post on my blog.... I was just thinking I hadn't posted in while and should post but I don't have anything to say. We are just waiting for a court date. We haven't received I600A approval yet but are told 4-6 weeks..hope it's true. Congratulations on your approval. Are you waiting for a court date?