Monday, September 20, 2010


We got it today!!!! I had been sitting on the front porch waiting for our mail lady since 2pm. This would be the day that her truck broke down! She got there a little after 4pm. As I was running up the driveway I saw one of those big white envelopes in her hand. I knew that had to be it! And it was!!! I'm not even sure what I did with the rest of the mail pile, so I hope there was nothing else important in there!

Now- the only remaining issue: getting my dossier to Ghana. I know most people don't understand that since their dossiers went to Ghana the day after it was completed. which is how it should go. But I just can't get that lucky. On Friday, our agency said they definately have a new rep to work with. I was told that on Monday they would email me the name of the new Power of Attorney.

That hasn't happened yet. They said their phone conversations kept getting cut off because the power was out. Now I thought that most people in Ghana used cell phones. So not sure how that adds up, but whatever. The agency is going to try to call again tomorrow to get the info.

Hoping this won't be another month-long attempt to get in touch with someone!

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  1. I'm so glad you got some good news. You must be so frustrated!