Monday, September 10, 2012

Malorie's 12th Birthday...

So sad. My baby girl is already 12. She's in MIDDLE school. I'm not even gonna say 'where did the time go?', because that'll just make me sound old. I am a little bummed that she's growing up so quick.

But, I gotta say- she's a good one. On her birthday, I took Malorie, Serwaa, Konto, and 2 friends to get some frozen yogurt. There was a TV in the yogurt place, so the kids could watch while eating. Half-way through our time there, I heard Malorie say, "Hey guys, mom doesn't like this show." (About 2 years ago, I had told Malorie that I didn't want her to watch this particular show.) So, my kids all sat there with their heads down, making sure they didn't look up at the TV! I was so proud. (I know, I know. I can't always be this lucky. It will probably come. I'm just enjoying it while it lasts!)

Malorie had a great birthday. She made her own cake. She had a friend and cousin over to spend the night. Most of the kids stayed up til 3am. I am super lucky to have such a great 12 year old! (Who unfortunately is turning out to be quite gorgeous. This is gonna be trouble eventually....)


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