Friday, August 31, 2012

Serwaa's First (11th) Birthday...

Last Friday was Serwaa's first birthday. She turned 11.

Birthdays are always fun. But most kids have been celebrating them from their very first year. They're a given. You expect cake, icecream and presents- because that's how it's always been.

  But for a child who's never celebrated their own birthday... There's just no accurate way to describe it.

I gotta say, it's the most fun 'first birthday' I've ever experienced!

This year was the first time Serwaa has ever blown out a candle! Ever! It was the first time she's had a birthday cake. To watch an 11 year old girl experience that for the first time was priceless. She loved the presents, and the balloons, and the cake. She was a little overwhelmed with the attention. But- after everyone left, she had a blast! She put on her new dress. And her new makeup. She decorated her new bag, painted on the road, played mermaids and barbies, colored in her new books... And even though I totally beat her at Pretty Pretty Princess, she loved it!

As we were playing with an 'evil balloon' that night, she blurted out, "This is the most fun day I ever had in my life!"

Pure joy.

So there it is. The first birthday.  And in honor of her 11th birthday- here are 11 random things she has told me this month:

1. At the church where you go all night, you can eat the dirt.
2. Madaam Moke is a ghost who walks around with one high heel.
3. She used to eat the chalk from school.
4. Some people eat the dogs. But she doesn't.
5. She thinks she remembers eating snake at her grandmother's house.
6. If bitten by a snake, put chewed onion on it to draw out the poison.
7. If a schoolgirl's hair grows, it blocks knowledge from reaching her brain. So they keep it shaved.
8. If someone swings their leg over your head, you will be short when you grow.
9. Don't lean a hand on the ground while eating. Satan will soak up all of your food.
10. The dirt tastes good after it rains a little. Still the smell makes her hungry.
11. If you don't have enough blood, you need to drink tomato paste & water.

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