Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Inaction and a Chicken Sandwich...

This has been brewing all day. I gotta vent somewhere. May as well be here. Today I witnessed the christian community be stirred into action. It was the biggest show of support I've seen from the American church body in a LONG time. Was it over the millions of people dying from hunger in our world? No. Orphaned children raising their younger siblings because they have no one? No. Children dying in other countries from totally preventable or treatable sickness? Nope.

It was over same sex marriage and a chicken sandwich.

I understand people's reasoning to show support today. I really do. (I don't, however, approve of 'christians' using the event as a platform to throw stones at people living in a way contrary to their own beliefs. My God says to love. And judge not, lest ye be judged.)

But I do admire people who stand for what they believe. If you cannot stand up for your beliefs, they're not worth having. That was not what angered me.

It was seeing what the church body is capable of. Massive support. Floods of people spending their time and money on something that they passionately believe in.

What if that massive push could've been for a bigger purpose. What if it could've been used to change lives instead of supporting an already-wealthy company?

I'm not saying people shouldn't have shown their support in that way. I'm saying harness that passion for a greater cause.

Didn't God call us to love? Isn't that the greatest commandment? What if that outpouring of support was used to change the lives of people who don't have the promise of a next meal? While you stood in line for 2 hours for your chicken sandwich, over 2,000 people in the world died from hunger. (*Based on a UN report.) I try to picture this many christians gathered in one big place. What could've resulted? Mountains could've been moved!

Did standing in that line make those people bad or wrong? No. Many of my friends were there. I'm guilty of wasting my time & money too. But it should make us think. What's worth our time, money and passion?

If Jesus were on earth today, I wonder where he would've been... In the ChicFilA drive through, or out in the world- healing people, feeding people, loving people. I think I know the answer. And I'd want to be with Him.

* I am not in any way bashing the Chic Fil A support. I'm simply passionate about 'the least of these', and wish the church could be moved with compassion on their behalf in the same capacity that they were moved today.

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