Saturday, November 17, 2012

Konto's Birthday...

I know, I know! Slackest blogger EVER!! Sorry! But, last but not least in our string of seemingly back-to-back birthdays was Konto. This poor guy waited FOREVER for his birthday. In fact, I went to Ghana on Oct 20th last year to pick him up. At that time, we hadn't determined a birthday for him. (Between all of the 'birthdates' on his legal paperwork, we had several to choose from!) It wasn't until several months into him being home that we decided on an age & birthday to give him. So, he was pretty much with us a full year before getting a birthday. He waited so patiently.

When it was finally his turn, he was so excited! First, he picked out his invitations. He looked for a good half hour before deciding on an invitation. At last, he said he found the PERFECT invitations. He proudly held
them up for me to read: "You're Invited. 1st Birthday!"

I didn't have the heart to tell him it was for a baby. He was just too happy. He wanted everyone to know that it was his first birthday he had ever had. (I did, however, talk him out of getting the pretty pink '1st
Birthday' invitations to mail to the girls.)

We had his party at a house/party rental place with a basement full of toys and games. It was awesome. He loved the presents, and he loved the attention!

For his birthday, he asked his sisters to cook for him. So, Malorie made his cake. Serwaa made jollaf and
salad. And of course, we ordered pizza.

I can't believe he's already another year older!! When we first fell in love with this guy, he was '5 years old' (according to the paperwork). So hard to believe that he's 9!


9 Things Konto has grown out of this year that I already miss:

1. Chanting whenever he wants something to happen

2. Asking to be held all day, every day

3. Calling Serwaa 'Maame Yaa'

4. Breaking into dance on a daily basis

5. Using the word 'buttocks' for bottom, end, butt, trunk...

6. Speaking Twi

7. Using only red, yellow and green crayons

8. Asking 'Is it true?' about everything (statues, talking veggie cartoons...)

9. Responding 'Thursday' when asked for his birthday

And one random story: A couple weeks ago, someone asked his name. After responding, he turned his back to the lady. I asked why. He said, "I was afraid she will ask me how old am I. And I didn't remember, so I turned around." And he doesn't remember most of the time. Neither does Serwaa. They never had to. I think it's kinda awesome that, in their culture, age really doesn't matter. Something can be learned here...

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