Sunday, December 4, 2011


Konto is such a fun boy. He has the cutest laugh & a great smile. Plus, he's just plain adorable. He has done really well adjusting so far. Maybe it's easier on him since he's a little younger than Serwaa. He doesn't usually cry. When he does, it's pretty short lived. However, he is a major pouter. He could out-pout anyone I know.

He could also out-eat anyone I know. He will say 'Mommy I'm hungry' at least 100 times a day. And part of the time he's lying in the floor moaning as he says it. Even as he stumbles into my room half-asleep in the morning. Those have been his first words EVERY morning since we got home!

I still don't know how to tell how well they kids are doing with attachment. They seem to be doing okay. Konto actually told me 'I love you' last night as I tucked him in. First time he's said it at night here. He has yet to say it while making eye contact, but we'll get there eventually.

This morning during church he fell asleep in my lap. It made me wonder when was the last time he's been held as he slept. My guess is about 4 years. A friend once told me that he slept on her on one of her visits to the orphanage when he was about 3. So sad how long they've gone without any individualized affection. He really does loves to be hugged and carried around.

I FINALLY got his lab results back. They said it's all good. Not a single parasite. I'm a little skeptical though, since the results seemed to be lost for so long. Hopefully the lab didn't just say it was all normal just because they didn't want to re-do it! (Konto was a mess at the lab. Four people had to hold him down. And he cried the whole time.) The doctor was also suprised that it was normal. Konto's spleen sticks out a little, so the doctor thought there would be something there that would cause it. But he said maybe it's just because he's so skinny.

I really do love this boy. He's so sweet. Every time his clothes are too small, he asks me to mail them to Eugene or Amankwa (his friends at the orphanage). He even put 'washing machine' on his Christmas list because ours broke! He's really just the best son anybody could have!
Konto Wofayaw Knight

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