Friday, November 25, 2011


The kids had so much fun today! We made Christmas lists. Maybe we shouldn't have tried to explain Santa Claus. (Or Christmas Father, as they call him.) They know who he is, but had no idea he brought presents. They wanted to know how he gets in, how he gets their letters, how he knows which house is ours... They are so confused!

Serwaa & Konto talked & talked today. I love to hear their stories. Serwaa told me about catching birds with her older brother. (I didn't know she remembered him at all. They were seperated when she was 4 years old.) They would go into the woods, and he would shoot them with a sling shot. Or, he would 'walk small-small' (sneak up on the bird) and put a basket over it!

They also told about their friend Yadudu raising a baby chicken names Janet. When it grew up, it had three babies. They named them Janet, Felicity and Jennifer. Then, Yadudu ate the mother.

Another girl named Serwaa also raised a chicken. It had one leg. The girls would sneak some of their food to the chicken everyday. When it died, they all cried.

They talked about Ghana's presidents, and their opinions of them. Then they quoted a poem about Ghana they learned in school.

They told about how well Yadudu can break dance, how Faith and Eugene write left-handed, and how the cooks don't like Amankwa because he cries when he is hungry, and when he eats okra.

I know the stories are pointless to everyone else. But I hope my kids will always remember them. (I had to write them down, because I know I'll forget!)

And last but not least, Malorie taught them to slide down the stairs...

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