Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Two Waters...

There are two waters in Ghana. One is a bad water. He does not like the people of Ghana. If you ask him to help you make someone die, he will help you.

The other water is a good water. He thinks the people of Ghana are good. He will not help you to kill someone.

The water can take the shape of a man.

One day Lordina (a girl who lives at the orphanage) & her friend were walking along a path. They saw an old man. He was poor, and had little clothing. Lordina's friend laughed and laughed at him. But this man was the water. He cursed her for not treating him kindly. He said that she will never have children because of this. Then, he turned back into the water, and disappeared.

The girl often walks the same path looking for the man. She wants to apologize so that the curse can be lifted, so that she can have children one day. But, she has never seen him again.

-As told to me by Serwaa, December 2011

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