Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Different Kind of Christmas...

I love Christmas. Absolutely love it. I love the way the Christmas tree smells. I love the bright tacky lights outside. I love wrapping presents. I love watching 'Elf" countless times. I love going to my Grandmas's house. And of course- I love eating!

Christmas has been just about the same for the past several years. We've rushed around shopping for everyone. Talked about Santa Claus. Spoiled Malorie with way too many presents. Bought very expensive things that she really doesn't need. And in short just spent way too much money.

This year is different. Not bad, just different. Since the recent travel to Ghana & back (bringing our kids home), we don't have the ability to spend ungodly amounts of money like before. Of course, everybody is still getting presents. Just not as much (or as big) as we had planned.

But- it's okay. Christmas isn't just about presents. It's been a different kind of Christmas. We've tried to shift the focus off of presents and on to other things. We have been baking things for our neighbors EVERY day. (I am no baker, but everything has been good so far.) The kids have delivered the cookies & pies, and even went caroling last night! (Their idea, not mine.)

We have read stories about Jesus being born. We have watched Christmas movies. We have made Christmas ornaments and listened to Christmas music. It has been kind of nice, actually.

When Konto was praying last night, he told God 'thank you that we make things and share with the people'. It was so sweet. They said that at the orphanage, there were some Muslim people who lived close by. On Christmas, they would cook and have the children come over & eat with them. Five children at a time would go and eat from a large bowl there. They have also received those gifts in a shoebox at Christmas. But I guess this is the first time they've been on the giving end.

I hope our typical Christmas starts to look a little more like this one. (Not the being broke part.) The simple part. Just hanging out together. Doing things for other people, just because. Remembering what Christmas is really about.

Now I'm off to sleep. All of the kids are sleeping on the living room floor. I used to love doing this as a kid. Staring at the Christmas tree 'til I fell asleep. Christmas really is the best.

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