Thursday, January 5, 2012

Keeping a Promise...

I know this is a long shot. But- I promised two boys in Ghana I would try. Oleman (13) and Askia (11) have begged me to come to America. I got a message from Oleman that went something like this:

Carrie- God bless you. Please. Come back and take us. The reason we want to go to America is so we can continue our education. If you cannot come, please- send a friend to come and take us. Please do not forget about us.

And I can't forget about them. I fell in love with Askia last year on my first trip to Ghana. He is such a sweet, caring child. He held my hand as we went through a part of a path that wasn't too safe. He told me which people were okay to talk to, and who I should avoid. Maybe all of the people were great people, but he is pretty protective.

 Me & Askia
Me & Askia

I actually didn't know much about Oleman until after I returned to America. He acts like my children's elder brother. He would call from the orphanage and let me talk to Serwaa & Konto during that long year until I would see them again.

I am aware that older boys are at the bottom of the totem pole in the adoption world. Especially when there are two of them. But I promised I would ask. Promised I would pray. Promised I would try.

A social welfare report has not been completed for the boys yet. However, the orphanage directress feels that they would be declared free for international adoption. If anyone is interested, I know most of their family history.

It's so hard because they are old enough to understand that they are being left behind. Their orphanage is really great. They are doing good things. But that still doesn't stop these boys from wanting something more.

If you know anyone interested, please pass this info along. If not, please at least pray that someone will find them. They deserve a family. Every child at least deserves that.

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