Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tuesday It Is...

My rep in Ghana will be going back to the Embassy on Tuesday, October 11th to turn in our paperwork. A whole day early! You know it's sad when I'm really that excited about one day. It's just one day! But I guess after waiting 'one more day' for 657 days, that's how people start acting!

The kids must know it is close. Joseph calls constantly to see if I know when I am coming. I'm not sure who is more excited- my children, or him!

On Monday, I got to speak to Yaa Serwaa for a minute. Usually, she will ask to speak to her "seesta". But this time she said, "I want to speak to Malorie". It was so cute! I didn't know she knew Malorie's name! (She must have learned it from the drawings & cards Malorie sent to her.) It totally made Malorie's day. It's so funny though- they just say 'hello' back and forth a few times. That's their whole conversation pretty much!

So now to the ever-asked question: When do the kids come home?

Well, who knows! Several people lately have had their visas approved on the spot. Their visas are being printed within a few weeks of their visa interview. Others have turned in all of their paperwork at the visa interview, and are still in the 'administrative processing' stage for months & counting. So I guess it's like the lottery. Everybody knows how our luck has been so far, so say a prayer for us on Tuesday! We need it!

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