Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Ok. I'm gonna have to be a drama queen for a minute. WHERE ARE MY KIDS AND WHY IS NO ONE ANSWERING THE PHONE IN GHANA!?! The last embassy appointment was supposed to be yesterday. My rep ALWAYS answers her phone. But I have called all day today with no luck! It's so strange that she wouldn't have called yesterday to tell me how the embassy appointment went. I need some info! I need to know that her & the kids are okay. And some good news about their visas would be a nice bonus.

I HATE living on a different continent than my kids! WAAAAAAA!

Okay. I'm done now. And to all of my real life friends, whom I graciously spared from verbally hearing my drama queen moment- you're welcome.

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  1. SOOO frustrating! Been there - with our POA not realizing that umm.. yeah... we'd like an update please. Hope everything is OK with all of them. I'm sure they are just out of cell phone reach or something.