Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I called immigration again today. Big surprise, I know! I had previously been told that the cases are worked 'in the order they are received', which couldn't be further from the truth. I have communicated with people who filed after me and have been approved. All the while, my file hadn't even been opened! I asked for a supervisor this time. He was nice. He said he that the officer assigned to my file would open it today and begin reviewing it. He said I should hear something by the first of next week. Please pray it will be approved without any additional paperwork being requested! I will be so glad to get past this step. I have unusually bad luck with immigration! My I600 took over 6 months for approval. (It was approved in one day, it just took 6 months to open my file!) It then took another 5 months for the approval to be forwarded to the National Visa Center, who would forward it to Accra. (At least I hope it got to Accra. I never heard anything from them.) I know the next step will be even more difficult & time consuming. (Visas) But- I'm ready to get started on it! We have held out for so long. I miss my babies!

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