Monday, June 20, 2011

Good Wishes...

So, the '100 Good Wishes' page has been acting up ALOT lately. We did not lose any of the money that was donated, but it won't allow any new donations. That's why we have the 'Chip In' thing now. The Good Wishes link is still at the bottom of the page, because I'm going to try to keep it updated too whenever it works. (I like it because it lets people leave comments. So, if you leave a comment in chip-in as a 'note to seller', I'll eventually put it on the Good Wishes page too.)

Anyways, we are totally DONE with all international adoption fees (I think)!! All we have left to save is airplane tickets! Then, of course, we'll have to re-adopt them in the US once they get here, but that's another story!

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