Friday, January 22, 2010

In the Beginning...........

Well, this is the story. My husband and I have been talking about adopting for the last couple of years. We already have a beautiful 9 year old daughter, and are planning to add a couple more to the crew through adoption. Not that I have anything against the good old fashioned way. We are just taking a different route.

So, the process started. I have begun to realize that people don't like to talk about adoption. When you announce that you are pregnant, people squeal with excitement and ask lots of questions. When you announce you are adopting, people look at you funny and the only question they have is "why". That's why I've resorted to telling my story to imaginary people online. God bless the internet!

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  1. Thanks for commenting today! You are SO right...people just don't get adoption when you are able to birth children. Oh well - too bad for them. The internet has been invaluable in connecting with other like-minded people. Congratulations and I look forward to following your journey.