Friday, April 6, 2012

Five Month Update...

It's been five months. Already. My kids have been home for five months! It seems like yesterday that we were still fighting roadblock after roadblock to get them here. But then- it also seems odd to picture a time when they weren't here. Contradictory, I know. But true.

I am happy to give another boring report- The kids are still doing great!

Malorie: This is one tough kid. She's handled alot of change in her young life. For a long time, it was just the two of us. And life was great. It was very hard on her when we brought Al (my husband) into our family. She
had to share me for the first time. Then, we added a brother & sister. She has handled it like a true champion. However, that doesn't mean it is easy on her. Sometimes she feels like she's lost in the crowd, and just wants me to scoop her up & take her away. And sometimes I do. But I must say- she LOVES her sister. Sometimes she gets tired of being 'copied'. But she's a great big sister. I love spying on them when they're in their room playing & giggling & telling stories about Ghana... These two have a very special bond.

Serwaa: Growing up too quick. She has gained 10 lbs and grown two inches! She has shocked me with how quickly she is learning to read. I thought it would never happen, but she has seriously taken off at lightening speed! It's amazing! She is easy to get along with. She is definately the least fussy of all my children! Her bed-wetting is still an issue. But she is trying, and will overcome that too. All in good time. She has only had
one flare up of Malaria so far. She still likes to sleep an obsurd amount, but that may be due to her age. (As
a side note- I can't imagine coming to a new family, in a new country, and entering puberty all at the same
time. What a brave, brave girl!) She is doing great with food. She eats ALOT more now. She also loves to cook. I hope she will always love Ghana's food & cook it often. She misses her country and her friends. As do I. Maybe someday...

Konto: My big baby. The human necklace. He can generally be found hanging from my neck, clinging to my back, or sitting on me. Quite possibly THE most snuggly child in this world. I get at least 100 hugs a day. And not the flimsy obligatory hugs. I mean the good ones. The ones where you eventually have to pry the child off so that you can get something accomplished during the day. Sweetest boy ever. He hasn't need diapers at night for months now. He is still eating like a starving man, but has occassionally been able to realize he is full. (Even if it is after 18 pieces of pizza.) He has gained around 15 lbs & grown 2 inches! He loves to wear a suit & tie. He likes to act like his dad. (Going outside shirtless every Saturday to wash his bicycle...) He still HATES having his own room. It just feels too big and empty still compared to his room at the orphanage. He is still struggling with reading. He forgets which sounds come from which letters. But he loves books. He likes for me to read every library book about 3 times before returning it. He still gets his feelings hurt easy. And he still loves electricity. He is a VERY smart child. Move over Macgyver!

I am so glad to have everything still going so well. There couldn't have possibly been two kids in the whole
world that would've fit better into our family. It's an odd thing to experience (this 'un-natural' kind of bond). People ofter tell me that they're not sure they could love another kid like their own. Honestly, I wasn't always sure either. But it's like welding. Once the welder is finished, you really can't seperate the two pipes. It's just all one piece. That's kinda how I feel about the kids (bio & adopted). We're just all one piece.

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  1. I love reading your updates! :) I am so glad that the kids are adjusting. What a sweet family. Happy Easter to you guys!