Monday, February 13, 2012


This post is mostly for my own memory. Serwaa's hair. (Just for the record- that Cowsills' song, Hair, is totally playing in my head right now.) One day I hope to look back and be like, "Man, I sure did get better at hair!". Hopefully. I gotta admit that I REALLY stink at this whole thing right now. I should've been studying and practicing doing black girl hair all along. But, in my defense, I assumed her head would be shaved when she got here. I thought I had lots of time to learn. I was wrong. She has lots of hair. I just gotta figure out what to do with it!

Our 1st picture

Dec 2010, when we met

The picture on the left was taken in the summer of 2011. This is how her hair still was in Oct 2011 when I went to pick them up. Once we got to Accra, we went to a braider & got it re-done (for $3).

Once we got home, it was an adventure. First, my friend came over to wash it for me. I have never seen SO MUCH DIRT come out of someone's hair before. It was amazing! Then my friend braided it. After that, Malorie styled it (and did a great job)! Since Malorie's style only lasted til it dried, I did some bantu knots. 

Then I tried to braid it. Poor child.

 Since that obviously didn't work, I paid someone else to braid it. I always remember my friend Washita saying something about being in the hair place for 6 hours. I almost didn't believe it. Now I do. It took 5!

Luckily, this lasted for about a month! After that, she has just kept it loose alot. (Thank goodness, because this could add up pretty quick!)
Her and Konto even wore a wig for awhile!
Next I tried braiding again. It was really raggedy-looking. But at least better than the first time. (Which isn't saying alot!) And- my crappy braiding took 4 hours! This morning we did some smaller bantu knots again. She likes it braided the best. So I guess I'll try it again tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

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  1. First of all ... I can't believe how fast her hair has grown. My 13 year old Ghanaian daughter has been home for 4 years and her hair still isn't that long. Wow!

    Secondly, you might want to look in the archives of my blog, under "Hair". We did yarn braids for the first 3 years and they are WONDERFUL. (We're about to put them in my 10 year old's hair again.)

    They take 10-12 hours to do, but they last for 3-4 MONTHS. Yes. They. Do. :)

    I love yarn braids. My girls love yarn braids. There is practically no haircare to do while they are in, and they are actually GOOD for the natural hair. Win. Win. Win.

    Laurel :)