Monday, March 21, 2011

Birth Certificates.....

We got the corrected birth certificates on Friday! One more thing checked off the ever-growing list! Now if we can just get the elusive death certificate, we can file the I600! I am so sad to say that I will have to file it in the US. We just don't have enough money to fly to Ghana again to file it there. Period.

I absolutely HATE to file it here though. From the time I filed our I600a until the time the NVC forwarded it to Accra was one year! Twelve. Full. Months. I cannot imagine my children living in the orphanage for another whole year while we wait for approval. It kills me. We've been trying to get them home since December of 2009! (And they had already been in my heart for a few months before we decided to go for it!) But we have no choice. Hopefully it will go quicker this time. Please.


  1. Will be praying!!! I think/hope that USCIS here in the US is going much more quickly now. It seems that I-600s filed her can sometimes go even more quickly than the ones filed in Ghana!