Monday, March 4, 2013

The Anticlimactic Sequel....

Today was the day. Konto (my son) would be required to personally explain to his soccer coach exactly why he would be missing soccer for the next 2 weeks. (My new co-op friends just thought I was joking when I said I was a VERY mean mama. I wasn't.)

I went to bed last night imagining how awful this day would go. I imagined it would be similar to the DC Airport Incident. (On our trip home from Africa. Konto was mad that it was taking so long. So, he decided to leave. He ignored my warnings to come back. I had to physically carry him back to the boarding area and hold him down.)

He is MUCH bigger now. I pictured me insisting that he talk to the coach, and him walking off. I then pictured myself chasing him down and attempting to carry him back to the car. Could I carry him while he's kicking? What would I do if I couldn't? Ask for help? 'Can you help me stuff this black kid in my minivan please?'

...All valid concerns I assure you.

But the day started out pretty good, to my relief. Konto was his regular charming self. His first task of the day was to admit to his sisters that he took their candy, and apologize. Confession is NOT his strong point! I held my breath & listened from the other room...

I heard him clear his throat and begin, "Attention everyone. I have some bad news and some good news...   ...Actually, there is no good news. I took all of your candy. I'm sorry."

Wow. That was easy. I decided to keep the whole day low-key. Homeschool is pretty convenient like that. We opted to build an outside playpen for our rabbit instead.

When the time came for soccer practice, he got pretty quiet. On the way there, he asked what he should say. He insisted that his team was going to be 'so mad of him for not helping to win the games'. I explained that bad decisions almost always affect more than just yourself.

At the field, he got out and walked to his coach- who asked how he was going to play in blue jeans. Konto didn't speak. I told the coach that my son had something to say. And he did. He said, "Sorry, I can't play soccree..." That was it. Forget that we rehearsed it several times in the car. The coach began guessing... "Are you hurt? Are you in trouble?..." To which Konto turned his back and replied, "The second one."

So, that was it. He was supposed to offer an explaination without waiting for the coach to guess. He kinda got bailed out, because he was about to start crying. I kinda hate that. (Again, mean mom. I know. And I'm okay with that.) But I wanted him to be embarrassed. Getting caught is embarrassing in real life. Just look at the Jailbirds magazine! Enough said! But- it is what it is.

So, the day was far less eventful than I imagined. I guess that's a good thing.

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